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Your registration for Unconvention is not complete until payment has been received. Similarly, if you have made any additional orders, such as for polo shirts, these will not be valid until payment has been received.

Registration payments, as well as payments for additional items, can be made using one of the options below.

Update 2011-09-13: Due to the proximity of the event, we are no longer accepting bank transfers or cheques. We are still accepting PayPal transactions, and will also accept cash on the day.

Bank Transfer

This is our preferred method of payment and the easiest type of payment for us to process.

The details for sending bank payments are as follows:

Account name: BCUK Convention

Sort code: 089299

Account number: 65416037


IBAN: GB27 CPBK 0892 9965 4160 37

Please include your BookCrossing name as the reference for your payment (or your real name if you do not have a BookCrossing name)


If you have indicated you wish to pay by cheque in your registration form, we will contact you with details of who to make the cheque payable to and where to send it. If you did not indicate this, but have since decided to use a cheque, please use the Contact Us form to request details.

Please ensure that you include your real name and the BookCrossing ID of each attendee that you are paying for on the back of your cheque.


If you wish to pay by PayPal, please see the BCUK PayPal Payment page.

Please note that a surcharge of 5% will be added to all PayPal payments, to cover the charges made by PayPal.

Confirmation of Payments

Once payment has been made, we will endeavour to acknowledge it as quickly as possible. However please note that there may be delays due to clearing of payments, delays in getting to the bank to check balances and most importantly because our treasurer is expecting twins in April.

If you have not had confirmation of your payment within a few weeks and/ or you are concerned, please Contact Us.