Supply Store Update

Photo of Geoff / Gingergeoff

Geoff / Gingergeoff

We are very happy to announce that the UK Supply Store will now be present at the Nottingham Unconvention. Unfortunately, it will not be the full store that we all know and love but it will be an opportunity to buy some of the BookCrossing supplies that remained in stock when the UK Store closed earlier this year.

In the absence of the planned new European Supply Store, gingergeoff has volunteered to open up the store to sell off his outstanding stock supplies and BC HQ have given him the go ahead.

As the store will be selling off surplus stock, not all items will be available and supplies will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Also gingergeoff will not be taking any orders in the run-up to the event. At the moment the plan is for the store to be available between 10 and 11.15 on the Saturday morning, but keep an eye on the UK Supply Store and Schedule pages for updates on this information.

All About katweeble


I joined Bookcrossing as my sister (Weebly) was already a member and it was more to my taste than the online gaming group (monkeys) she got me linked to before -by gaming I don’t mean poker or casino by the way.

I like it because it gives me back the serendipity way of choosing books to read that I used to have when I worked in libraries on the front line – ironically I find it difficult to find books to read in a library full of shelves of books.

I am looking forward to catching up with friends and meeting new ones, and hearing some interesting talks – and to just sitting and reading with like minded people.

All About Littlesuz


Hello, I’m Susi, aka LittleSuz.

I joined bookcrossing back in 2005 when I saw an online listing for the Edinburgh meetup. Initially, it was just an opportunity to go out and meet new people. I never expected to get so involved! However, gradually over the years it’s sucked me in. I became organiser for the Edinburgh meetup, started using the forums, helped to organise the 2009 Edinburgh Uncon, and chaired the organising committee for the 2010 Uncon. This year I’m taking a little break from major organising duties in order to concentrate on other things, including my upcoming wedding in 2012 🙂

But I still couldn’t miss out on attending the 2011 Uncon. It’s great to meet up with people, pass on a ton of books, pick up two tons more (!), and have a lot of slightly eccentric fun. Bookcrossing  has vastly increased the breadth of my reading and I’m sure there’ll be new authors for me to discover at this year’s event.

Outside of bookcrossing, my hobbies include (guess what!) reading; as well as cooking, pub quizzes, and flamenco dancing. I’m also a bit of a facebook addict and try to get to the gym regularly. (But sometimes I’m just too lazy!) I work in HR for an Edinburgh-based disabilities charity and live in that city with my lovely fiance Paul.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Competition Winner!

Congratulations by emilywjones on flickr

Congratulations to gingergeoff who made the closest guess for how many books I would have registered by the end of my birthday (8th July 2011). His guess of 254 books was only two away from the actual figure of 252, so very nearly spot on.

Geoff is the lucky winner of two free tickets for the Unconvention, which I am sure is a prize he will enjoy!!

The guesses ranged from 233 to a whopping 594, but special commiserations go to Heaven-Ali whose guess of 249 would have won had I not received three books for my birthday!!

If you’re still in the competition spirit, then visit our Competitions page for details of the Make A Ballycumber Competition which will be judged during the Unconvention weekend.

All About rotewoelfin

So, the most difficult question first – it sounds unbelievable, but I can’t remember why I joined BookCrossing. Don’t know anymore how I found the page. But I joined the site on the first visit – so somehow it had been convincing 🙂 Some days after I joined I got a message with an invitation to a MeetUp in Karlsruhe, where I lived. I visited this MeetUp and since then I’m addicted!

I love meeting people regularly at the local MeetUps and at least once a year at one of the bigger (Un)Conventions. The German convention in Hamburg was the first of the bigger ones I visited, Vienna and Amsterdam my international ones and now I’m really looking forward to meeting you all at my first British convention. I made a lot of friends over the years via BookCrossing, some of them really close. This is one point I’m looking forward to about Nottingham – meeting people and making new friends.

Preparing? I’m collecting English books all over our OBCZs – let’s see how many of them will fit into my suitcase 🙂 Oh, and I think I’m going to print some geocaches before I leave here – one of my other hobbies. Flight booked, bus booked, hotel booked – I’m ready *grin*

When I’m not preparing myself for a convention I’m working at the IT department of a German retailer. And at the week-ends I’m going to watch football, supporting my team all over Germany.

Still questions left? – Ask me at the convention or write me a PM 🙂

A Big Thankyou!

The Pirate Ship by Catherine Cooper

A massive thanks to one of our author speakers, Catherine Cooper, who sent me not only the first book in her Hawke & Co. series (as very kindly offered) but also the second. Both books have been provided for use as bookrays in the run up to the Unconvention and as soon as I have read them they will begin their travels.

The surprise addition of the second Hawke & Co. book brings our grand total of bookrays to 14. We have the first 8 books in the Stephen Booth series featuring Detectives Cooper & Fry, two stand alone stories from Eve Makis and four books from Catherine Cooper – book 1 and 2 in both the Jack Brenin and Hawke and Co. series.

To find out more about all of our bookrays, visit the Bookrays page.

All About beebarf

I joined Bookcrossing way back in May 2003 at the behest of my online (and now real life) friend MarciNYC. She knew I was a book lover, knew I was running out of shelf space and she knew I was slightly … quirky – and she thought Bookcrossing would appeal.

She was right.

I was a little in the wilderness at first, until I found the BCUK Yahoo group, and found a vibrant community of (mostly) likeminded people, all too willing to share their literary passions and favourite authors. My bookshelves actually got more crowded as I signed up to rings, rays and was generously given RABCKs. Some of the books I discovered were stinkers. Some of the books I discovered were absolute gems. Some were inbetween – but all have been devoured, journalled, released…

For various reasons, I haven’t been to an Uncon since the last one in Birmingham, so I’m really looking forward to seeing old faces and making new friends. As the Sheffield group has folded, I regularly go to Nottingham meet-ups and I’m so pleased that I’m going to be able to introduce people to one of my favourite cities (and one of my favourite coffee shops, our meet up OBCZ, Divine!)

In preparation for the Uncon, I’m collecting a range of books written by East Midlands authors, but the big project I’m involved with (and I’m not sure just how big it’s going to get!) is the Unconvention blanket. One of my other passions is knitting … quite often our Bookcrossing meets resemble a stitch ‘n’ bitch (without the bitching, we’re all really nice) so it seemed logical that we make – with the help of Bookcrossers everywhere – a blanket to give away as a raffle prize. I’m co-ordinating all the knitters and will be sewing all the squares together and adding a border. I’m also in the midst of making the prototypes of Ballycumber and Ballyhood soft toys so look out for them, too!

I work full time as the Communications Manager for a small national charity. In my free time, when I’m not nose deep in a Bookcrossing book, I’m nose deep in Ian Rankin novels – I’m a part time Literature and Creative Media student at the University of Sheffield, and Rankin is the subject of my dissertation. All being well, I graduate summer 2012. That’s definitely going to be the big event of my year, but I hear there’s some kind of sports thing going on about then?

Bookray Update

Books by Ian Wilson on flickr

We now have no less than 13 bookrays in progress for Unconvention author books. These allow attendees the opportunity to read some of the author speakers’ work prior to the event.

As we have had a few new books added in the last couple of days (including one more today!) this is a quick update of what we have available:

  • All of the first 8 books in Stephen Booth’s Cooper & Fry series from No.1 Black Dog to No. 8 Dying to Sin. Book No. 4 Blind to the Bones has been added today.
  • The first two Eve Makis books – The Mother-in-Law and Eat, Drink & Be Married.
  • Three books from Catherine Cooper – the first two in the Jack Brenin series and Hawke & Co. book 1 (the latter generously donated by the author herself).

If you wish to find out more then please visit the Bookrays page or to sign up contact me either via the website Contact Us form or via PM to pingucb.

Happy reading everyone!!

Author Announcement!

Catherine Cooper

The committee are thrilled to announce another brilliant confirmed author for the BCUK Unconvention in Nottingham in September 2011.

Catherine Cooper self-published her first book in 2009 after her life was turned upside down by sudden illness. Within 18 months she had published three more books, signed a publishing deal for a series of five (beginning with her very first book The Golden Acorn) and optioned the movie rights to The Golden Acorn to a Hollywood film maker. She also won the Brit Writer’s Awards Unpublished in 2010 for Stories for Children as well as the overall award for Writer of the Year.

You can find out more about Catherine Cooper and her books by visiting her author page here. If you would like the opportunity to read some of Catherine’s books before the Unconvention, visit the Bookrays page.

All About JemmaJ

I originally joined BookCrossing after I found a book in my local cafe, The Dolphin Cafe in Towcester. I did first meet BookCrossing in Canada in 2000 but there were no books that took my fancy, so I started looking when I came home. It was not until December 2010 that I actually joined BookCrossing but I wish that I had joined earlier!

I love letting my books free and knowing where they are going and where they have been and also I like to know where the books that I am reading have been to before. Meeting fellow BookCrossers is fab too! I am not a fan of these “hand held book machines” – I have this thing about feeling the book in my own hands.

I am looking forward to meeting fellow UK based (well, mostly UK based) BookCrossers at the Unconvention. It will be the first one I have gone to and I love making new friends.

In the run-up to the Uncon I have been making some of the goodie bag items, they are all keeping me busy! I’ve got many to make!!