Three Weeks To Go!

Three by i_yudai on Flickr

Things are getting very exciting now with just three weeks to go until the Nottingham Unconvention!

The committee are hard at work finalising all the finer details to make the weekend as special as we can for all of the attendees. We hope you’re all looking forward to it as much as we are.

If you haven’t yet registered or ordered your merchandise, don’t forget that the cut-off dates are 5th September for merchandise orders and 10th September to register to attend the event.

Look forward to seeing you in Nottingham!

Official Book Release Zone

Wild Release by Gadl on flickr

We now have an official release zone for the Nottingham Unconvention.

If you are bringing (or posting) books up to Nottingham for release at the Uncon, you can now release them to the zone in Nottingham called BCUK Unconvention 2011 which you can view here. In order to use the zone, you will need to create a Wild Release as a controlled release will only allow you to release to Nottingham generally (unless someone can tell me how to do it differently!?)

Remember you are able to schedule releases, so you can start preparing your books for Nottingham in advance and setting them up for release on the day you plan on arriving.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of books appearing on the new release zone soon!!

Last Chance to Purchase Merchandise!

Embroidered Bally Hood

This is a reminder that the last opportunity to place orders for official BCUK Nottingham Unconvention merchandise is next Monday, 5th September, with final payments for all ordered items required by the end of the same day.

Visit the Merchandise page for full details of the items available – polo shirts, beanie hats and tote bags.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase a unique souvenir of the Nottingham Unconvention in 2011!

Sunday Release Walk

Photo by shining.darkness

On Sunday morning a gentle, mostly flat, release walk will take in some of the sights of central Nottingham.

We will be starting off with some lions, will see a footballing legend, goggle at several buildings with literary connections, pass through an historic churchyard (or two) and end up at the legendary Robin Hood statue in the shadow of Nottingham Castle (only 5 minutes from The Britannia hotel).

In conjunction with the release walk, there will be an I-spy Treasure Hunt, consisting of around 25 observational clues based on what we pass by, with a prize for the team who get the most answers correct.

The total distance of the walk will be about 1 and half miles (2.25 km) at a very leisurely pace taking around 75-90 minutes.

At the end of the walk, there are various options for lunch before we all disperse to head home. Near to the Robin Hood statue there are several pubs including Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem where Sunday roasts are served, or it is only a short walk back to the centre of the city where there are plenty of other establishments.

Questions For Authors

Question by Foxymoron on Flickr

Each of the authors who will be speaking to us during the Unconvention weekend has been asked to allow time during their presentation for questions from the audience. They are also all happy to include discussion on topics which our attendees are most interested in hearing about.

To kick things off we thought it would be useful for the authors to have some of your questions or topics of interest to think about in advance. So if you have a particular question for one (or all) of our authors or a topic that you want them to touch on in their presentation let us know using the comments on this news post or via the Contact Us page and we will pass on all responses to the authors.

As a reminder, the three confirmed authors for the event are Stephen Booth, writer of a thrilling series of mystery novels set in the Peak District, Catherine Cooper, writer of fantasy novels that appeal to all ages and a series of stories about a particularly adventurous schoolboy and Eve Makis, writer of books focused around family life making use of her influences from Cyprus.

Payment Confirmations

Just a quick note for anyone who may be waiting for confirmation of a payment for either registration or merchandise orders. We apologise to all those who have paid for an item but not yet heard that their payment has been received and we appreciate how frustrating and worrying this could be.

Our aim is to let you know we have received your payment as soon as we know. However, we are limited by the restrictions on the Uncon bank account which mean the balance can only be checked in person by our treasurer and payments can only be 100% confirmed when the bank statement arrives. Unfortunately this means that there is sometimes a delay in letting you know that your money has been securely received.

In addition to this, our treasurer will not be available to check payments  over the next 8 days, so please bear with us as there will be no updates to payments received until after next weekend (5th September 2011).

If you are concerned about a payment that you have sent, please do continue to get in touch via the Contact Us page as it will help us to identify any transactions that may need further investigation.


As we’re just about a month away from the event, it’s time to start getting excited (if you’re not already, JemmaJ), and shout to everyone that you’re planning on attending!

Just as with other Unconventions, we’ve got our own banner / badge that you can add to your BookCrossing profile, website or any where else you fancy. The code is provided for you to copy and paste in, and there’s two versions – one that links back to this site, and one that doesn’t.

We’ve also taken the banners from previous events and re-worked them slightly so they are all now the same size. This makes them look much better on your profile; see GaryJ‘s profile for instance. The copy and paste code for these are also provided, and the images are hosted from this site so there’s less chance of them disappearing in the future.

Get your banners now!

Merchandise Update

Uncon Tote Bag

We have just had an update from our merchandise embroiderer that the last order date for merchandise has had to be put forward. As a result, all orders for merchandise must be received by 5th September at the latest. In addition, payment for ALL merchandise orders will need to be received by the end of the day on 5th September, or we cannot guarantee that the order will be placed with the embroiderer.

We have a range of exciting merchandise options available including polo shirts for £12, tote bags for £8 and beanie hats for £8, as well as additional options for personalisation and hats for children. Visit our dedicated Merchandise page for more details. If you have already ordered merchandise but not yet paid for it, you can find details of your payment options on the Payment page or make a direct PayPal Payment.
Don’t miss out on your chance to take some fantastic Bally Hood embroidered items home with you!

UK Release Zones

A 'Wild Release'

A new entry on the Schedule for this year’s Unconvention is a presentation from the UK BookCrossing regional managers, who will be asking for our help.

For those of you who (like me until a few hours ago!) don’t know who the regional managers are, they are a group of UK BookCrossers who help to tidy up the release zones on the BookCrossing website by responding to information posted in the Site Clean-Up forum. So instead of the Natural History Museum in London being located in ten different zones (and at one point three different countries), they can combine them into one release zone.  They can correct spelling of zones, jiggle them about into the correct places, and hide those that no longer exist (ie cafes that may have shut down).

Historically, UK release zones have been organised based on the US system, which is not always a good fit for the UK. It makes duplication of release zones much more likely as it’s possible to either select a release zone via the country it sits in (e.g. UK>Wales>Cardiff>release zone) or via the county it sits in (e.g. UK>Vale of Glamorgan>Cardiff>release zone), with no link between the two.

We have an opportunity to influence how release zones are set up on the main BookCrossing website in the future. With only 15 minutes scheduled to discuss this on the day, the regional managers are asking that we all think about how we would like to see UK release zones organised in advance of the Uncon, so that the discussion can kick off quickly on the day.

All About MissMarkey

MissMarkey (in her Uncon polo shirt)

Hi, here I am doing what I like to do most – reading in the garden. I’m really enjoying this ‘Aberystwyth’ series by Malcolm Pryce.It’s my current favourite genre – quirky murder mystery.

When I’m not reading in the garden (or on my allotment) I work as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant in a primary school in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. In the school holidays I like travelling to BC conventions and have been to 6 in the last 3 years since joining Bookcrossing.

I release children’s books on a regular basis by hanging them on a tree just outside the school gates. The children love this. I shall be looking out for children’s books at the Uncon.

I am a recent convert to geocaching which fits in quite well with going to conventions I find.

I’m looking forward to meeting some old BC friends and making a few new ones at Nottingham. See you there. MissMarkey