Official Book Release Zone

Wild Release by Gadl on flickr

We now have an official release zone for the Nottingham Unconvention.

If you are bringing (or posting) books up to Nottingham for release at the Uncon, you can now release them to the zone in Nottingham called BCUK Unconvention 2011 which you can view here. In order to use the zone, you will need to create a Wild Release as a controlled release will only allow you to release to Nottingham generally (unless someone can tell me how to do it differently!?)

Remember you are able to schedule releases, so you can start preparing your books for Nottingham in advance and setting them up for release on the day you plan on arriving.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of books appearing on the new release zone soon!!

Venue Page

Foyer at the Britannia Nottingham

The latest addition to the site is a page about our venue. Here you can find out more about the city we’ll be visiting in 2011, as well as information about the hotel and options for transport.
Use the Venue link at the top of the site or just click on this link – Venue.

And The Winner Is….

Congratulations to our winners!

The votes have been collected, counted, checked for duplicates and counted again and we are finally able to announce a winner!

The 2011 UK BookCrossing Unconvention will be held in…….


Congratulations to garibaldisghost for putting in the winning bid. Commiserations to two very worthy runners up in what turned out to be an extremely tight-run contest, with Nottingham winning by a margin of just a single vote.

Keep watching the website for more details about our newly-decided location and the associated venue and activities.

Let The Voting Begin!

Image by Alan Cleaver in flickr

The committee are very excited to announce that voting is now open to choose the location for the 2011 Unconvention!!

Three brilliant bids have been received from Colchester, Manchester and Nottingham and we think you’ll have a tough time trying to decide which one to go for.

To start the voting process, please visit Location Bids at the top of the page, where you’ll find general information about how to vote and about what is included in each of the bids as standard.

You can then navigate to each individual bid, either from the Location Bids tab at the top of the page (use the little green arrow) or from the links within the Location Bids main page.

Once you know which location you prefer, you will find the voting form on the right hand side of the Location Bids main page.

Voting will be open until 10pm on Sunday 12th December 2010, so don’t lose your chance to have your say and get voting now!!

Nomination Update

Friends Meeting House

Due to unexpected price increases from the University of Manchester, the proposed venue for a 2011 Unconvention in Manchester has had to change.

The new venue is a Quaker meeting house, also in the centre of Manchester and in easy reach of similar facilities and activities to the University.

Good luck to all three of our bidders when voting begins!

Manchester Nomination

University of Manchester by Gene Hunt on Flickr

Just within the deadline, a last-minute nomination was received for Manchester over the weekend.

Thankyou to constantweader and gingergeoff for their bid, which offers a University based Unconvention, just 5-10 minutes from the centre of Manchester.

Manchester offers a wide range of activities from its thriving poetry scene to a trip down the famous Rusholme Curry Mile. Good luck to our third and final bidders!

Nottingham Nomination

Robin Hood by shining.darkness on Flickr

Our second nomination to host the 2011 Unconvention has been received for Nottingham.

Thanks to garibaldisghost for putting forward a city with links to both DH Lawrence and Lord Byron.

The central hotel venue lends itself to the possibility of everything from a tour of Nottingham Castle to a boat trip on the River Trent, in addition to the usual Uncon fun and games.

Good luck to our second bidders!

Colchester Nomination

Ghost Walks Possible

We’re really excited to have received our first official nomination to host the 2011 Unconvention. The Colchester bid, brought to us by ardachy and karen07814, promises a theatre venue within walking distance of a range of hotels, eateries and bookshops.

Colchester itself is the oldest recorded town in Britain, with a Roman wall, castle and priory and even the possibility of a night-time ghostly release walk! Good luck to our first bidders 🙂

Location Nominations

Where might the next Uncon be?

The committee are thrilled to have been contacted by three separate groups today who are all considering putting in bids to host the 2011 Unconvention. We’re hoping to have a varied selection of venues for voters to choose between, when the call for nominations closes on 28th November.