UK Release Zones

A 'Wild Release'

A new entry on the Schedule for this year’s Unconvention is a presentation from the UK BookCrossing regional managers, who will be asking for our help.

For those of you who (like me until a few hours ago!) don’t know who the regional managers are, they are a group of UK BookCrossers who help to tidy up the release zones on the BookCrossing website by responding to information posted in the Site Clean-Up forum. So instead of the Natural History Museum in London being located in ten different zones (and at one point three different countries), they can combine them into one release zone.  They can correct spelling of zones, jiggle them about into the correct places, and hide those that no longer exist (ie cafes that may have shut down).

Historically, UK release zones have been organised based on the US system, which is not always a good fit for the UK. It makes duplication of release zones much more likely as it’s possible to either select a release zone via the country it sits in (e.g. UK>Wales>Cardiff>release zone) or via the county it sits in (e.g. UK>Vale of Glamorgan>Cardiff>release zone), with no link between the two.

We have an opportunity to influence how release zones are set up on the main BookCrossing website in the future. With only 15 minutes scheduled to discuss this on the day, the regional managers are asking that we all think about how we would like to see UK release zones organised in advance of the Uncon, so that the discussion can kick off quickly on the day.

Supply Store Update

Photo of Geoff / Gingergeoff

Geoff / Gingergeoff

We are very happy to announce that the UK Supply Store will now be present at the Nottingham Unconvention. Unfortunately, it will not be the full store that we all know and love but it will be an opportunity to buy some of the BookCrossing supplies that remained in stock when the UK Store closed earlier this year.

In the absence of the planned new European Supply Store, gingergeoff has volunteered to open up the store to sell off his outstanding stock supplies and BC HQ have given him the go ahead.

As the store will be selling off surplus stock, not all items will be available and supplies will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Also gingergeoff will not be taking any orders in the run-up to the event. At the moment the plan is for the store to be available between 10 and 11.15 on the Saturday morning, but keep an eye on the UK Supply Store and Schedule pages for updates on this information.

Calling all Knitters (& Crocheters)!

Knitting by tsuacctnt on flickr

Would you like to be part of an exciting Unconvention knitting/ crocheting project?

A rather splendid sounding one-of-a-kind blanket is being created for the raffle at the 2011 BCUK Unconvention and we would love as many people as possible to be involved in creating it. The blanket will be made up of 6″ x 6″ squares, all sewn together to create an item any BookCrosser would be proud to own (we’re sure Ballycumber and/ or Bally Hood will feature in there somewhere).

Many thanks to beebarf for volunteering (being volunteered?!?) to coordinate the project. If you want to find out the full details about how to take part, visit our dedicated Raffle Blanket webpage.

You have until 1st September to get your knitted squares to beebarf so get those knitting needles and crochet hooks out now!

Merchandise Now Available

Embroidered Bally Hood

The committee are very happy to announce that official 2011 Unconvention merchandise is now available to order!

We are offering a range of polo shirts in 18 colours, beanie hats for adults (in 19 colours) or children (in four colours) and tote bags. All items feature the fantastic Bally Hood logo and the wording BCUK Unconvention – Nottingham 2011.

Prices are £8 for a beanie hat or tote bag, £12 for a polo shirt or £15 for a personalised polo shirt.

Visit the Merchandise page for more information or go straight to ordering a polo shirt, beanie hat or tote bag.

Entertainment & Events

If you are wondering what’s happened to the event schedule, competitions and bookray links at the top of every page, you can now find all of these (and many more) in the new Entertainments & Events page.

Visit this new page (accessible from the top bar) to find links to all the events and entertainment on and around the Unconvention weekend, including (but not limited to) the schedule for the weekend, information about the NSS and news about the flashmob. You can expect this page to be updated with more links as the Nottingham weekend gets closer.

If you have any comments about these changes then do please let us know by commenting on this post or getting in touch directly through the Contact Us page

International Payment Details

The SWIFT / BIC and IBAN details have been added to the payment page for those of you outside of the UK who need them.

For transactions less than £100, we pay no fees to receive money from non-UK banks, but please ensure that the amount we receive in GBP is at least the required cost for the items you are paying for. If it isn’t, we may ask you to make a top-up transaction before we can confirm your ticket, t-shirt, etc.

If you are paying an amount greater than £100 from a non-UK account, please contact us first so we can minimise fees for both parties.

Not So Secret

Gift by project hotsauce on flickr

A traditional part of every Unconvention is the Not So Secret (NSS) gift giving. This works along the lines of a Secret Santa, but it’s Not So Secret because it involves BookCrossing books, thereby allowing the recipient to find out who their parcel was from. The minimum requirement for an NSS parcel is a BookCrossing registered book and an additional gift, but givers can go as wild as they want with their parcels.

This year, pookledo has kindly volunteered to coordinate the NSS on behalf of the committee. Anyone wishing to take part should contact pookledo via PM, letting her know their real name and BC name, the location of their book wishlist (and any other wishlists, such as sweeties and other goodies), whether they are happy to give to a junior partner (as we do have some children attending this year’s event) and any other information that they think their gift-giver should know about them.

Address details are not needed as parcels are either gifted in person or left on the dedicated NSS table at the event. However, this year we will also be opening up the gift giving for non-attendees to the event, who will have their own separate postal event to coincide with the Uncon weekend. If you wish to take part in this, please contact pookledo with the details above, making it clear that you are NOT attending the event and including a postal address for your sender to use.

Look out for more NSS information from pookledo on the BookCrossing forums, the attendees subscriber list and the BCUK Yahoo group.

Goodie bags and raffle

Gift bags by misocrazy on flickr

Over the last few days, the committee have been thinking and discussing about goodie bags (and their contents) and raffle prizes for attendees to the Uncon.

We know in the past that members have wanted to volunteer items to go in goodie bags as well as raffle prizes and we want to encourage that tradition to continue.

Firstly, we are looking for something hand made or personal to go in each goodie bag – it could be a bookmark, hand-written postcard, bookstring etc – something small, inexpensive and easily postable to Nottingham. Our Events Coordinator Janice has requested that all handmade items come with the maker’s name on them somewhere, so that people can give individual thanks if they wish for the items they’ve received. We don’t expect any one person to make goodie bag contents for everyone so don’t panic!! If you’re interested then just make as many (or as few) of your items as you wish.

Secondly, we are also open to any other offers of goodie bag contents or raffle prizes – so if you have something in mind (which you can get access to/ create and are happy to donate), get in touch with the committee and discuss it with us.

Items for donation will ideally need to be sent to Nottingham in advance – partly so we can get the goodie bags set up before everyone arrives and partly so we know what raffle prizes we have on offer and can hopefully let all of you know in advance as well. If you have something ready to send, please contact our local committee member David for details of where to post your items – depending on amounts being sent he may wish to share the load/ storage with some of the other Nottingham locals!!

Registration update

We now have 76 individuals registered to attend the 2011 Unconvention in Nottingham.

With more than 4 months to go until the big weekend, this is a phenomenal show of interest from the BookCrossing community!

As a result of this great response, we are thrilled to announce that the early bird booking rate of £15 has been extended for all future bookings to the event. There will be no increase in booking fee for registrations made from 1st May until the booking deadline.

Early Bird Registration

Early bird - dicktay2000

Just a reminder that early bird registration for the Unconvention is available until the end of the month. To qualify for the early bird rate of £15 to attend the weekend, you will need to complete the online registration form here by the end of the day on Saturday 30th April and make payment by 6th May.

If you have already registered for the event but not yet paid, please remember that to secure the early bird rate you will also need to complete payment by Friday 6th May.

For full details on costs and payment options, please visit the Costs section of the website.