Free Cuddle With Every Purchase!

A message From suedo, who will have a table at the Uncon:

Suedo Design will be making a special appearance at this year’s BCUK Unconvention.

Tie dye or plain dyed London 2008 T-shirts are available in small and medium. I also have original white T-shirts available. Take the opportunity to see these bright and funky T-shirts then buy one or order your own unique pattern. Sizes small, medium and large available in limited numbers.

All T-shirts are available at a special convention price of £7.

Also appearing will be a small selection of baby clothing; vests, sleepsuits and hats at the special convention price of £9 for vests or sleepsuits, and £3 for hats.

Check out more info and pictures on or the Facebook page at

In a further attempt to shamelessly exploit my son for commercial purposes I am offering a free cuddle with every purchase!

Who wouldn't want a cuddle from Luke?

Saturday Evening Meals

Dinner by KellBailey on flickr

We are hoping that, in the tradition of previous Unconventions, a lot of the attendees at the event will want to come out on Saturday evening for a group meal.

This is a great opportunity to relax and spend some social time with a group of BookCrossers outside of the sometimes hectic events of the Unconvention itself.

To this end, our local contact has arranged provisional bookings at four fantastic Nottingham restaurants, all within an easy walk of The Britannia Hotel.

We have a great selection for you, from an Italian restaurant / bar to a tandoori kitchen and from a traditional pub / restaurant to an ‘all you can eat’ Chinese with Brazilian Spitroast barbecue.

We hope there’s something in there to suit all tastes! If you want to find out more, visit our dedicated Saturday Evening Meals page.

Blanket Squares

Knitting by tsuacctnt on flickr

This is the last call for knitted or crocheted squares for the Nottingham Raffle Blankets! If you would like to make a contribution to this very exciting project you have until 16th September to get your squares to beebarf.

Every knitted or crocheted square provided will help to create one of two entirely individual BookCrossing and Bally themed blankets – one for adults and another for children. These will be two of the shining stars amongst a fabulous selection of raffle prizes – the lucky winners will each be taking a unique souvenir of the Nottingham Unconvention home with them.

To find out more visit the Raffle Blanket page or contact beebarf via PM. And of course a big thankyou to everyone who has already been hard at work with their knitting needles and crochet hooks!!

Sunday Release Walk

Photo by shining.darkness

On Sunday morning a gentle, mostly flat, release walk will take in some of the sights of central Nottingham.

We will be starting off with some lions, will see a footballing legend, goggle at several buildings with literary connections, pass through an historic churchyard (or two) and end up at the legendary Robin Hood statue in the shadow of Nottingham Castle (only 5 minutes from The Britannia hotel).

In conjunction with the release walk, there will be an I-spy Treasure Hunt, consisting of around 25 observational clues based on what we pass by, with a prize for the team who get the most answers correct.

The total distance of the walk will be about 1 and half miles (2.25 km) at a very leisurely pace taking around 75-90 minutes.

At the end of the walk, there are various options for lunch before we all disperse to head home. Near to the Robin Hood statue there are several pubs including Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem where Sunday roasts are served, or it is only a short walk back to the centre of the city where there are plenty of other establishments.

Calling all Knitters (& Crocheters)!

Knitting by tsuacctnt on flickr

Would you like to be part of an exciting Unconvention knitting/ crocheting project?

A rather splendid sounding one-of-a-kind blanket is being created for the raffle at the 2011 BCUK Unconvention and we would love as many people as possible to be involved in creating it. The blanket will be made up of 6″ x 6″ squares, all sewn together to create an item any BookCrosser would be proud to own (we’re sure Ballycumber and/ or Bally Hood will feature in there somewhere).

Many thanks to beebarf for volunteering (being volunteered?!?) to coordinate the project. If you want to find out the full details about how to take part, visit our dedicated Raffle Blanket webpage.

You have until 1st September to get your knitted squares to beebarf so get those knitting needles and crochet hooks out now!

Entertainment & Events

If you are wondering what’s happened to the event schedule, competitions and bookray links at the top of every page, you can now find all of these (and many more) in the new Entertainments & Events page.

Visit this new page (accessible from the top bar) to find links to all the events and entertainment on and around the Unconvention weekend, including (but not limited to) the schedule for the weekend, information about the NSS and news about the flashmob. You can expect this page to be updated with more links as the Nottingham weekend gets closer.

If you have any comments about these changes then do please let us know by commenting on this post or getting in touch directly through the Contact Us page

All About the Bookswap Game

We now have some exciting additional information about the bookswap game which will be taking place on Saturday afternoon of the Unconvention weekend.

You can find the information on our Bookswap page.

Hats Off to BookCrossing!

Hats by Dave-F on flickr

MissMarkey requests the pleasure of your company at yet another exciting Unconvention event, the ‘Hats off to BookCrossing’ flashmob.

Date: Sunday 25th September 2011

Time: 11.00 am

Place: The Old Market Square, Nottingham

Dress code: A book and a hat

Not only are we inviting you to be part of a very exciting flashmob event, we’re also offering prizes for the most ingenious, outrageous and thematic hats.

During the event, you will have time to appreciate one of the most historic locations in Nottingham before setting off on the traditional Uncon Sunday release walk. The Old Market Square is the original setting of the Nottingham Goose Fair and the spot where Robin Hood is said to have won the silver arrow in a contest devised by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

So get your thinking caps on and if you want to get ahead, get a hat. But don’t keep it under your hat – let everyone know about the ‘Hats off to BookCrossing’ flashmob!!

Goodie bags and raffle

Gift bags by misocrazy on flickr

Over the last few days, the committee have been thinking and discussing about goodie bags (and their contents) and raffle prizes for attendees to the Uncon.

We know in the past that members have wanted to volunteer items to go in goodie bags as well as raffle prizes and we want to encourage that tradition to continue.

Firstly, we are looking for something hand made or personal to go in each goodie bag – it could be a bookmark, hand-written postcard, bookstring etc – something small, inexpensive and easily postable to Nottingham. Our Events Coordinator Janice has requested that all handmade items come with the maker’s name on them somewhere, so that people can give individual thanks if they wish for the items they’ve received. We don’t expect any one person to make goodie bag contents for everyone so don’t panic!! If you’re interested then just make as many (or as few) of your items as you wish.

Secondly, we are also open to any other offers of goodie bag contents or raffle prizes – so if you have something in mind (which you can get access to/ create and are happy to donate), get in touch with the committee and discuss it with us.

Items for donation will ideally need to be sent to Nottingham in advance – partly so we can get the goodie bags set up before everyone arrives and partly so we know what raffle prizes we have on offer and can hopefully let all of you know in advance as well. If you have something ready to send, please contact our local committee member David for details of where to post your items – depending on amounts being sent he may wish to share the load/ storage with some of the other Nottingham locals!!

Ballycumber Competition

Ballycumber by Diamondlucy on flickr

In order to get everybody in the Unconvention spirit, we have a competition to keep you busy over the months running up to the main event.

We are looking for the best creative interpretation of  – Make a Ballycumber!

Entries can be created in any format e.g woodwork, sewing, knitting, metalwork, craft, baking etc etc, so get your creative juices flowing and surprise us!

Competition entries should be brought along to the beginning of the Unconvention weekend and will be placed on display for all attendees to view. A panel of judges will decide the winner during Saturday afternoon and prizes will be awarded to the winner and runner up at the end of the day.

We look forward to seeing a parade of Ballycumbers in Nottingham on the Unconvention weekend!!