A Big Thankyou!

The Pirate Ship by Catherine Cooper

A massive thanks to one of our author speakers, Catherine Cooper, who sent me not only the first book in her Hawke & Co. series (as very kindly offered) but also the second. Both books have been provided for use as bookrays in the run up to the Unconvention and as soon as I have read them they will begin their travels.

The surprise addition of the second Hawke & Co. book brings our grand total of bookrays to 14. We have the first 8 books in the Stephen Booth series featuring Detectives Cooper & Fry, two stand alone stories from Eve Makis and four books from Catherine Cooper – book 1 and 2 in both the Jack Brenin and Hawke and Co. series.

To find out more about all of our bookrays, visit the Bookrays page.

Bookray Update

Books by Ian Wilson on flickr

We now have no less than 13 bookrays in progress for Unconvention author books. These allow attendees the opportunity to read some of the author speakers’ work prior to the event.

As we have had a few new books added in the last couple of days (including one more today!) this is a quick update of what we have available:

  • All of the first 8 books in Stephen Booth’s Cooper & Fry series from No.1 Black Dog to No. 8 Dying to Sin. Book No. 4 Blind to the Bones has been added today.
  • The first two Eve Makis books – The Mother-in-Law and Eat, Drink & Be Married.
  • Three books from Catherine Cooper – the first two in the Jack Brenin series and Hawke & Co. book 1 (the latter generously donated by the author herself).

If you wish to find out more then please visit the Bookrays page or to sign up contact me either via the website Contact Us form or via PM to pingucb.

Happy reading everyone!!

Dancing With The Virgins

One of our official bookray books, Dancing With The Virgins by Stephen Booth, has reached the end of its bookray journey. This is the second in Stephen Booth’s Cooper & Fry series of novels and has been really well received by all those who have read it so far, with an overall rating of 8/10 – see all the reviews and comments on this book on the main BookCrossing website here.

Please contact me via the website or via PM (pingucb) if you would like to be added to the list and the book could be winging its way to you very quickly!


New Uncon bookrays

If you visit the bookrays page, you will see that we now have three new additions available for attendees to read.

We’ve managed to source the second in the series of books by Stephen Booth – Dancing with the Virgins. I know people have had difficulty getting hold of this book at times, so take the chance to read it now!

Also, we’re very happy to announce two Eve Makis bookrays – Eat, Drink and be Married and The Mother-In-Law.

Black Dog by Stephen Booth is already on it’s way to the next reader and the next book to start travelling will be Eat, Drink and Be Married (just as soon as I’ve finished reading it!)

If you wish to sign up for any of these bookrays, or those that are already in place, please contact me via the site or by PM to pingucb, with a list of the books you wish to read, your BC name and your shipping preferences.

Author bookrays

I am planning to set up bookrays for some of the books by our Uncon authors, so that attendees have a chance to read something by the authors before the event.

At the moment, I have four Stephen Booth books in my possession and am hoping to read through at least a couple of them in the next few weeks. I am also hoping to get hold of some Eve Makis books for the same purpose.

The books that I have at the moment are Black Dog, One Last Breath, The Dead Place and Blood on the Tongue.

I started reading Black Dog, Stephen’s first novel, last night and will be setting it up as a ray as soon as I’m finished. Anyone who wishes to take part in the ray for this book or any of the other three can either contact me via the site or by PMing me pingucb on BookCrossing. Please let me know which book(s) you are interested in, your shipping preferences and make sure your BC name is included in your message if you don’t send it as a PM.

Keep an eye out for a new bookray page, coming soon, where you can keep track of links to each of the bookrays available, which ones you’re signed up for and where you are in the list.