Catherine Cooper


In Catherine’s own words:-

“For twenty-nine years I taught in primary education and loved every minute.  When I was told five years ago I had degenerative bone disease and would no longer be able to teach, it was quite a blow.  Within six months of being diagnosed with the bone and joint problems I found I had aggressive breast cancer.  That was my 50th birthday present… something I hadn’t put on my wish list!

It’s a life changing event to be told you have cancer. It affects everyone around you and you find out very quickly how precious life really is. After weeks of treatment I came to a crossroads.  The easy road would lead me to withdraw and accept defeat, or I could take the other path, try and pick up the pieces and face the battlefield.  I chose the latter.

The body might not be too good but the brain’s fine and needed occupying, especially during the endless trips to hospital.  I’d always said I’d write the book when I retired, little thinking that day would come sooner rather than later.  Immersing myself into another world was a life saver for me.  I spent six months researching the history, myths and legends of my home county of Shropshire, and sorting out the characters for the story.  My aim was to write a series, which would be suitable for young and old alike and to weave all my research into a tale of magic and adventure.  I wanted to write the kind of books  a parent, grandparent or teacher, would be happy to give to a child to read on their own.

I’m able to visit schools as an author.  I’m in a position to encourage young people to read and hopefully inspire some of them to want to write books of their own.  One door closed for me five years ago but I opened another one and took that first step through.  Little did I know at the time where it was going to lead.  It’s been quite a journey.”

Catherine is working on a number of different book projects, including the ongoing story of Jack Brenin which began with The Golden Acorn and Glasruhen Gate, a continuation of the Hawke & Co. series, book one in Ariadne’s Adventures and a standalone book about horses called Snowflake & Blizzard.

Catherine’s first book won the Brit Writers’ Unpublished award for Stories for Children in 2010, with Catherine winning the overall award for Writer of the Year in the same year. She has since optioned the motion picture rights for The Golden Acorn to a Hollywood based film company and is extremely excited about the prospect of her book being made into a film.

To find out more about Catherine and her books, visit her website Pengridion Books. If you would like the opportunity to read some of her books before the Unconvention, please visit the Bookrays page.


The Golden Acorn

The Golden Acorn – Jack Brenin Book 1 (2009)

The New Neighbours – Hawke & Co. Book 1 (2010)

Glasruhen Gate – Jack Brenin Book 2 (2010)

The Pirate Ship – Hawke & Co. Book 2 (2011)