Bookray Update

Books by Ian Wilson on flickr

We now have no less than 13 bookrays in progress for Unconvention author books. These allow attendees the opportunity to read some of the author speakers’ work prior to the event.

As we have had a few new books added in the last couple of days (including one more today!) this is a quick update of what we have available:

  • All of the first 8 books in Stephen Booth’s Cooper & Fry series from No.1 Black Dog to No. 8 Dying to Sin. Book No. 4 Blind to the Bones has been added today.
  • The first two Eve Makis books – The Mother-in-Law and Eat, Drink & Be Married.
  • Three books from Catherine Cooper – the first two in the Jack Brenin series and Hawke & Co. book 1 (the latter generously donated by the author herself).

If you wish to find out more then please visit the Bookrays page or to sign up contact me either via the website Contact Us form or via PM to pingucb.

Happy reading everyone!!

Author Announcement!

Catherine Cooper

The committee are thrilled to announce another brilliant confirmed author for the BCUK Unconvention in Nottingham in September 2011.

Catherine Cooper self-published her first book in 2009 after her life was turned upside down by sudden illness. Within 18 months she had published three more books, signed a publishing deal for a series of five (beginning with her very first book The Golden Acorn) and optioned the movie rights to The Golden Acorn to a Hollywood film maker. She also won the Brit Writer’s Awards Unpublished in 2010 for Stories for Children as well as the overall award for Writer of the Year.

You can find out more about Catherine Cooper and her books by visiting her author page here. If you would like the opportunity to read some of Catherine’s books before the Unconvention, visit the Bookrays page.

All About JemmaJ

I originally joined BookCrossing after I found a book in my local cafe, The Dolphin Cafe in Towcester. I did first meet BookCrossing in Canada in 2000 but there were no books that took my fancy, so I started looking when I came home. It was not until December 2010 that I actually joined BookCrossing but I wish that I had joined earlier!

I love letting my books free and knowing where they are going and where they have been and also I like to know where the books that I am reading have been to before. Meeting fellow BookCrossers is fab too! I am not a fan of these “hand held book machines” – I have this thing about feeling the book in my own hands.

I am looking forward to meeting fellow UK based (well, mostly UK based) BookCrossers at the Unconvention. It will be the first one I have gone to and I love making new friends.

In the run-up to the Uncon I have been making some of the goodie bag items, they are all keeping me busy! I’ve got many to make!!

Calling all Knitters (& Crocheters)!

Knitting by tsuacctnt on flickr

Would you like to be part of an exciting Unconvention knitting/ crocheting project?

A rather splendid sounding one-of-a-kind blanket is being created for the raffle at the 2011 BCUK Unconvention and we would love as many people as possible to be involved in creating it. The blanket will be made up of 6″ x 6″ squares, all sewn together to create an item any BookCrosser would be proud to own (we’re sure Ballycumber and/ or Bally Hood will feature in there somewhere).

Many thanks to beebarf for volunteering (being volunteered?!?) to coordinate the project. If you want to find out the full details about how to take part, visit our dedicated Raffle Blanket webpage.

You have until 1st September to get your knitted squares to beebarf so get those knitting needles and crochet hooks out now!

Dancing With The Virgins

One of our official bookray books, Dancing With The Virgins by Stephen Booth, has reached the end of its bookray journey. This is the second in Stephen Booth’s Cooper & Fry series of novels and has been really well received by all those who have read it so far, with an overall rating of 8/10 – see all the reviews and comments on this book on the main BookCrossing website here.

Please contact me via the website or via PM (pingucb) if you would like to be added to the list and the book could be winging its way to you very quickly!


Merchandise Now Available

Embroidered Bally Hood

The committee are very happy to announce that official 2011 Unconvention merchandise is now available to order!

We are offering a range of polo shirts in 18 colours, beanie hats for adults (in 19 colours) or children (in four colours) and tote bags. All items feature the fantastic Bally Hood logo and the wording BCUK Unconvention – Nottingham 2011.

Prices are £8 for a beanie hat or tote bag, £12 for a polo shirt or £15 for a personalised polo shirt.

Visit the Merchandise page for more information or go straight to ordering a polo shirt, beanie hat or tote bag.

All About Nu-Knees

Reading in the garden - June 2011

I was introduced to BookCrossing when my younger daughter (later known as tree-hugger) was given a BC-registered book by a work colleague (aka Mai-day) because she thought I would like it. T-H gave it to me and the rest, as they say, is history! I never did work out how they came to be discussing my reading habits – but I’m certainly not complaining!

I loved the idea of keeping track of the books I gave away and by the time I discovered that most Wild Releases are never heard from again, I was hooked. I still get a thrill when a Wild Release phones home.

I soon discovered chatting about books on the Forums and Controlled Releases and OBCZs and RABCKS and PMs with BookCrossers around the world and the BCUK Yahoo Group and …

I went along to a York meetup and discovered the joy of meeting real-life BookCrossers. I went to the Edinburgh and Swindon Unconventions and discovered the fun of large BookCrosssing gatherings. I was supposed to go to the Convention in Amsterdam – but that’s another story! Volcanic ash isn’t going to keep me from Nottingham.

When travelling, I look for OBCZs and BookCrossers around the country. It’s fantastic! I’ve discovered I can post something like: “I’ll be in Cardiff on such a day – anyone free for lunch?” and BookCrossers will come and join me. I’ve turned strangers into friends in Chester and Salcey Forest and Birmingham – and I’ll be near Lichfield over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Anyone?

Yes, joining BookCrossing has been a 6 year voyage of discovery. And I’m sure there’s even more to discover in September. I’m looking forward to meeting old friends, making new ones, releasing books, acquiring books – and celebrating my birthday in style!

In preparation for Nottingham, I’ve signed up for all the Uncon author Bookrays on offer. So far I’ve been impressed by Stephen Booth twice and not by Eve Makis! I’ve started putting books on one side to bring with me and identified something like 40 I can cull from my Keeper Shelves, including my collections of Ellis Peters and Elizabeth Peters. PM me (Nu-Knees) if you’d like me to put your name on one.

Reading more or less 200 books a year leaves me little time for other hobbies. I have absolutely no arts and crafts talents but I can write, and on a good day I can even make my handwriting legible, so I’m getting together a few Knaresborough postcards as my contribution towards goodie bags.

And that’s me! See you in Nottingham!

Entertainment & Events

If you are wondering what’s happened to the event schedule, competitions and bookray links at the top of every page, you can now find all of these (and many more) in the new Entertainments & Events page.

Visit this new page (accessible from the top bar) to find links to all the events and entertainment on and around the Unconvention weekend, including (but not limited to) the schedule for the weekend, information about the NSS and news about the flashmob. You can expect this page to be updated with more links as the Nottingham weekend gets closer.

If you have any comments about these changes then do please let us know by commenting on this post or getting in touch directly through the Contact Us page

All About the Bookswap Game

We now have some exciting additional information about the bookswap game which will be taking place on Saturday afternoon of the Unconvention weekend.

You can find the information on our Bookswap page.

Competition ends soon…

This is the last call for entries for our free tickets competition. You have until the end of the day on Sunday 19th June to submit your entries, which must include your guess at how many books I will have registered by my birthday and details of how you’ve linked to the site.
For full information about how to enter the competition and exactly what you can win, visit our Competitions page.