A Message From Our Treasurer

Becky / beckydore

Please read on for a message from our treasurer Becky, summing up how your money was spent at the 2011 Nottingham Unconvention.

“As the treasurer on the committee, I wanted to give you an insight into some of the costs involved in the Nottingham Unconvention. The UK Uncon is totally financed by the attendees and we received no funding from BCHQ or elsewhere.
At the start of the year, we have a list of known ‘mandatory costs’ that we will have to incur. The most expensive of these for every event is the venue. This year it cost £750, which was very reasonable for the space that was available to attendees. The tea and coffee, whilst not to everyone’s liking, were included in the cost of room hire.
We can only estimate the number of attendees at the start of the year. In the past few years, we have had a minumum of 50 attendees so set the initial fee at £15, with the aim that we would keep the cost to attendees as low as possible and only add in extras once the mandatory costs had been met.
Once we had enough confirmed attendees to cover the room hire, we could start to spend on ‘extras’ such as booklets (£81), goodie bags (£34), release bags (£32.70), prizes (£100), charity donations for authors, this year increased to £30 each (plus cupcakes), sweets, biscuits etc. The aim was to hopefully increase the benefit to attendees without affecting the ticket price charged.
We saw a few last minute attendees this year and additional income from raffles (£121.10), giving us a larger than expected profit of £255.
This will be added to the funds from last year, enabling us to book and pay deposits on a venue prior to selling tickets. This also gives us a ‘buffer’ for next year in case of a lower number of attendees.
The ticket price for next year will be largely determined by the cost and choice of venue.”
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