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St. Andrews graduation in the snow

I joined BookCcrossing in 2008 after reading about it in a newspaper.  The idea of books in the wild just grabbed me.  Unfortunately I’ve never caught a single book and have only had 4 wild releases journalled – but they may turn up yet!   What I especially love about BookCrossing is being introduced to new genres by other BookCrossers.  I also love RABCKs – not just receiving books but receiving messages from people I’ve sent books to.   The last one started “I think I love you!”.  That just made my day.

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people at the Uncon and I love the author talks.  I’m delighted to have discovered Stephen Booth and can’t believe how many Uncon bookrays we’ve got through.  I’m afraid I won’t have many books to release this time because my 4p flight doesn’t give me much baggage allowance but it will stop me bringing too many books home.  For anyone not reading the fora, my attempt at reducing Mt TBR is failing miserably as I now have 9 years worth of books waiting.

As for life outside BookCrossing, I don’t seem to have one.  I graduated last November after doing my Masters part-time while working full-time and I hoped life would start again after that.  However work took over instead and I worked seven days a week until June.    I’ve spent the last couple of months sleeping when not working and my plan is for life to start in October (or maybe 23rd September).  I’ve attached a photo of me at my graduation but I’m very far away, as I don’t like my photograph being taken.  I managed to avoid being in any photos from last year’s release walk by taking them for people.  I believe that is my handy work on the home page.



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