Supply Store News

Here’s a short message from gingergeoff regarding the sales of the remaining UK Supply Store items following our previous update about it:

A quick update concerning the Supply sales at the Nottingham Uncon. BookCrossing have agreed to let me sell my remaining UK stock at the sale prices from earlier this year. Not only this, but I have also negotiated a 10% reduction and I’ll be giving away one pack of Taglines Bookplates for every £25 spent.

As an example, 25 Bookmarks are currently on the BC site for £6.08, I will be selling them for £3.85. 25 International Sticky notes are £2.41 on the site and I will be selling them for £0.55. All Bookplates (apart from Secret Lives & Econo) will be sold at £2.15 for 25 – these are no longer available on the US site.

A reminder that Geoff is scheduled to be doing these sales for just over an hour on Saturday morning, so

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