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According to my GaryJ profile, I’ve been on BookCrossing since January 2006. That’s slightly misleading, as I’d been to the 2005 BCUK Unconvention in Birmingham as well as several local events before that, although I was known back then as Gazza1980. My other half (katie1980) was already signed up to BookCrossing in the hope of “being able to give away lots of books” (!) and I was just tagging along.

I’m not much of a book reader, probably only reading a 2-3 books a year (yes, a year), though once I get started on a book, it’s usually finished in a couple of days. I have no desire to start a new book, yet when I do, I’m often as excited as anyone to get to the end.

My favourite authors historically are Andy McNab and Chris Ryan (both for the SAS / covert operations stories), Dean Koontz (although some of his books don’t grab me), and various horror authors that get passed on after katie1980 has finished with them.

If I’m not an avid reader, why am I part of BookCrossing? Quite simply, it’s the social aspect for me. I’ve made good friends from BookCrossing (several attended our wedding) and I enjoy the atmosphere at the meets.

Some BookCrossing socials just can't be explained... (Uncon 2007, Brighton)

My interests lie in web development, which is handy considering that I work as a freelance web developer. It’s for this reason, having been disappointed with the websites and information communication from previous Uncons, that I volunteered myself for this year’s BCUK Uncon Committee as the role of webmaster to show how I think it could / should be done.

We’ve not been 100% perfect, but from the compliments we got when the site was launched and the ongoing feedback (and perhaps more importantly, the very few problems highlighted to us), I think it’s been successful. Everyone has access to the information from a variety of sources and media that suits them, and we’ve provided several methods of getting in touch with the committee.

The rest of the committee have done an excellent job with each of their different roles, and without skirting around the cliché, it’s been a real team effort to get everything organised. I have every confidence the event itself will go as smoothly as the planning has. If it doesn’t, you’ll find me in the corner, reading a book…

Tired Readers, by suedo283 on Flickr (Convention 2008, London)

About GaryJ

Gary's primary role on the Uncon committee is that of Webmaster. He also runs the @BCUKUncon Twitter account, and various other social media accounts for the event.
Feel free to contact Gary about anything digital related to the 2011 Uncon.