Saturday Evening Meals

Dinner by KellBailey on flickr

We are hoping that, in the tradition of previous Unconventions, a lot of the attendees at the event will want to come out on Saturday evening for a group meal.

This is a great opportunity to relax and spend some social time with a group of BookCrossers outside of the sometimes hectic events of the Unconvention itself.

To this end, our local contact has arranged provisional bookings at four fantastic Nottingham restaurants, all within an easy walk of The Britannia Hotel.

We have a great selection for you, from an Italian restaurant / bar to a tandoori kitchen and from a traditional pub / restaurant to an ‘all you can eat’ Chinese with Brazilian Spitroast barbecue.

We hope there’s something in there to suit all tastes! If you want to find out more, visit our dedicated Saturday Evening Meals page.

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Claire is responsible for Communications for the Convention committee.