Sunday Release Walk

Photo by shining.darkness

On Sunday morning a gentle, mostly flat, release walk will take in some of the sights of central Nottingham.

We will be starting off with some lions, will see a footballing legend, goggle at several buildings with literary connections, pass through an historic churchyard (or two) and end up at the legendary Robin Hood statue in the shadow of Nottingham Castle (only 5 minutes from The Britannia hotel).

In conjunction with the release walk, there will be an I-spy Treasure Hunt, consisting of around 25 observational clues based on what we pass by, with a prize for the team who get the most answers correct.

The total distance of the walk will be about 1 and half miles (2.25 km) at a very leisurely pace taking around 75-90 minutes.

At the end of the walk, there are various options for lunch before we all disperse to head home. Near to the Robin Hood statue there are several pubs including Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem where Sunday roasts are served, or it is only a short walk back to the centre of the city where there are plenty of other establishments.

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