As we’re just about a month away from the event, it’s time to start getting excited (if you’re not already, JemmaJ), and shout to everyone that you’re planning on attending!

Just as with other Unconventions, we’ve got our own banner / badge that you can add to your BookCrossing profile, website or any where else you fancy. The code is provided for you to copy and paste in, and there’s two versions – one that links back to this site, and one that doesn’t.

We’ve also taken the banners from previous events and re-worked them slightly so they are all now the same size. This makes them look much better on your profile; see GaryJ‘s profile for instance. The copy and paste code for these are also provided, and the images are hosted from this site so there’s less chance of them disappearing in the future.

Get your banners now!

About GaryJ

Gary's primary role on the Uncon committee is that of Webmaster. He also runs the @BCUKUncon Twitter account, and various other social media accounts for the event.
Feel free to contact Gary about anything digital related to the 2011 Uncon.