All About Littlesuz


Hello, I’m Susi, aka LittleSuz.

I joined bookcrossing back in 2005 when I saw an online listing for the Edinburgh meetup. Initially, it was just an opportunity to go out and meet new people. I never expected to get so involved! However, gradually over the years it’s sucked me in. I became organiser for the Edinburgh meetup, started using the forums, helped to organise the 2009 Edinburgh Uncon, and chaired the organising committee for the 2010 Uncon. This year I’m taking a little break from major organising duties in order to concentrate on other things, including my upcoming wedding in 2012 🙂

But I still couldn’t miss out on attending the 2011 Uncon. It’s great to meet up with people, pass on a ton of books, pick up two tons more (!), and have a lot of slightly eccentric fun. Bookcrossing  has vastly increased the breadth of my reading and I’m sure there’ll be new authors for me to discover at this year’s event.

Outside of bookcrossing, my hobbies include (guess what!) reading; as well as cooking, pub quizzes, and flamenco dancing. I’m also a bit of a facebook addict and try to get to the gym regularly. (But sometimes I’m just too lazy!) I work in HR for an Edinburgh-based disabilities charity and live in that city with my lovely fiance Paul.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

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