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So, the most difficult question first – it sounds unbelievable, but I can’t remember why I joined BookCrossing. Don’t know anymore how I found the page. But I joined the site on the first visit – so somehow it had been convincing πŸ™‚ Some days after I joined I got a message with an invitation to a MeetUp in Karlsruhe, where I lived. I visited this MeetUp and since then I’m addicted!

I love meeting people regularly at the local MeetUps and at least once a year at one of the bigger (Un)Conventions. The German convention in Hamburg was the first of the bigger ones I visited, Vienna and Amsterdam my international ones and now I’m really looking forward to meeting you all at my first British convention. I made a lot of friends over the years via BookCrossing, some of them really close. This is one point I’m looking forward to about Nottingham – meeting people and making new friends.

Preparing? I’m collecting English books all over our OBCZs – let’s see how many of them will fit into my suitcase πŸ™‚ Oh, and I think I’m going to print some geocaches before I leave here – one of my other hobbies. Flight booked, bus booked, hotel booked – I’m ready *grin*

When I’m not preparing myself for a convention I’m working at the IT department of a German retailer. And at the week-ends I’m going to watch football, supporting my team all over Germany.

Still questions left? – Ask me at the convention or write me a PM πŸ™‚

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