All About beebarf

I joined Bookcrossing way back in May 2003 at the behest of my online (and now real life) friend MarciNYC. She knew I was a book lover, knew I was running out of shelf space and she knew I was slightly … quirky – and she thought Bookcrossing would appeal.

She was right.

I was a little in the wilderness at first, until I found the BCUK Yahoo group, and found a vibrant community of (mostly) likeminded people, all too willing to share their literary passions and favourite authors. My bookshelves actually got more crowded as I signed up to rings, rays and was generously given RABCKs. Some of the books I discovered were stinkers. Some of the books I discovered were absolute gems. Some were inbetween – but all have been devoured, journalled, released…

For various reasons, I haven’t been to an Uncon since the last one in Birmingham, so I’m really looking forward to seeing old faces and making new friends. As the Sheffield group has folded, I regularly go to Nottingham meet-ups and I’m so pleased that I’m going to be able to introduce people to one of my favourite cities (and one of my favourite coffee shops, our meet up OBCZ, Divine!)

In preparation for the Uncon, I’m collecting a range of books written by East Midlands authors, but the big project I’m involved with (and I’m not sure just how big it’s going to get!) is the Unconvention blanket. One of my other passions is knitting … quite often our Bookcrossing meets resemble a stitch ‘n’ bitch (without the bitching, we’re all really nice) so it seemed logical that we make – with the help of Bookcrossers everywhere – a blanket to give away as a raffle prize. I’m co-ordinating all the knitters and will be sewing all the squares together and adding a border. I’m also in the midst of making the prototypes of Ballycumber and Ballyhood soft toys so look out for them, too!

I work full time as the Communications Manager for a small national charity. In my free time, when I’m not nose deep in a Bookcrossing book, I’m nose deep in Ian Rankin novels – I’m a part time Literature and Creative Media student at the University of Sheffield, and Rankin is the subject of my dissertation. All being well, I graduate summer 2012. That’s definitely going to be the big event of my year, but I hear there’s some kind of sports thing going on about then?

About pingucb

Claire is responsible for Communications for the Convention committee.