All About JemmaJ

I originally joined BookCrossing after I found a book in my local cafe, The Dolphin Cafe in Towcester. I did first meet BookCrossing in Canada in 2000 but there were no books that took my fancy, so I started looking when I came home. It was not until December 2010 that I actually joined BookCrossing but I wish that I had joined earlier!

I love letting my books free and knowing where they are going and where they have been and also I like to know where the books that I am reading have been to before. Meeting fellow BookCrossers is fab too! I am not a fan of these “hand held book machines” – I have this thing about feeling the book in my own hands.

I am looking forward to meeting fellow UK based (well, mostly UK based) BookCrossers at the Unconvention. It will be the first one I have gone to and I love making new friends.

In the run-up to the Uncon I have been making some of the goodie bag items, they are all keeping me busy! I’ve got many to make!!

About pingucb

Claire is responsible for Communications for the Convention committee.