International Payment Details

The SWIFT / BIC and IBAN details have been added to the payment page for those of you outside of the UK who need them.

For transactions less than £100, we pay no fees to receive money from non-UK banks, but please ensure that the amount we receive in GBP is at least the required cost for the items you are paying for. If it isn’t, we may ask you to make a top-up transaction before we can confirm your ticket, t-shirt, etc.

If you are paying an amount greater than £100 from a non-UK account, please contact us first so we can minimise fees for both parties.

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Gary's primary role on the Uncon committee is that of Webmaster. He also runs the @BCUKUncon Twitter account, and various other social media accounts for the event.
Feel free to contact Gary about anything digital related to the 2011 Uncon.