Goodie bags and raffle

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Over the last few days, the committee have been thinking and discussing about goodie bags (and their contents) and raffle prizes for attendees to the Uncon.

We know in the past that members have wanted to volunteer items to go in goodie bags as well as raffle prizes and we want to encourage that tradition to continue.

Firstly, we are looking for something hand made or personal to go in each goodie bag – it could be a bookmark, hand-written postcard, bookstring etc – something small, inexpensive and easily postable to Nottingham. Our Events Coordinator Janice has requested that all handmade items come with the maker’s name on them somewhere, so that people can give individual thanks if they wish for the items they’ve received. We don’t expect any one person to make goodie bag contents for everyone so don’t panic!! If you’re interested then just make as many (or as few) of your items as you wish.

Secondly, we are also open to any other offers of goodie bag contents or raffle prizes – so if you have something in mind (which you can get access to/ create and are happy to donate), get in touch with the committee and discuss it with us.

Items for donation will ideally need to be sent to Nottingham in advance – partly so we can get the goodie bags set up before everyone arrives and partly so we know what raffle prizes we have on offer and can hopefully let all of you know in advance as well. If you have something ready to send, please contact our local committee member David for details of where to post your items – depending on amounts being sent he may wish to share the load/ storage with some of the other Nottingham locals!!

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  1. Love this idea!!! I’m just thinking what I could do to help and then I’ll email you all straight away!

  2. pingucb says:

    Thankyou JemmaJ! We look forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚