The Attendees Discussion List

Screenshot of the top of the mailing list applicationIt’s useful for registered attendees to want to discuss things before and after an event – perhaps arranging lifts there, organising to share accommodation, pointing to photos of the event itself or even (often embarrassing) videos of the evening’s antics.

Previous Uncons have required people to create an account for Yahoo Groups, but that was seen as a barrier to some people – most people already have an email address, so why not just use that?

Well that’s exactly what we’ve done here – we’ve created a discussion list that all people who tick the “Subscribe to attendees@” option when registering are added to. Those people can send an email to and it will automatically be sent to all the other subscribers. They in turn can simply reply to the email and have that sent to everyone too.

This is a closed and public list.

It’s closed in that only registered attendees to the event will be included. Requests to subscribe by other people will be rejected. You can however unsubscribe at any point, automatically, via the link included at the bottom of every list mail.

It’s public, in that messages are available on a public archive, and there’s even an RSS feed, so please be vigilant about what you send to the list.

If you don’t want to subscribe, that’s fine – we won’t be disseminating any official information just via this list, though it may be copied to this list from other sources too. The only thing you’ll miss is the banter, and the chance to make new friends and renew old ones before meeting them at the Uncon itself!

About GaryJ

Gary's primary role on the Uncon committee is that of Webmaster. He also runs the @BCUKUncon Twitter account, and various other social media accounts for the event.
Feel free to contact Gary about anything digital related to the 2011 Uncon.