Ballycumber Competition

Ballycumber by Diamondlucy on flickr

In order to get everybody in the Unconvention spirit, we have a competition to keep you busy over the months running up to the main event.

We are looking for the best creative interpretation of  – Make a Ballycumber!

Entries can be created in any format e.g woodwork, sewing, knitting, metalwork, craft, baking etc etc, so get your creative juices flowing and surprise us!

Competition entries should be brought along to the beginning of the Unconvention weekend and will be placed on display for all attendees to view. A panel of judges will decide the winner during Saturday afternoon and prizes will be awarded to the winner and runner up at the end of the day.

We look forward to seeing a parade of Ballycumbers in Nottingham on the Unconvention weekend!!

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Claire is responsible for Communications for the Convention committee.


  1. CorneliaB says:

    If, like me, you wondered what a “Ballycumber” is, see
    where the key text is:
    BALLYCUMBER: (n) One of the six half-read books lying somewhere in your bed.
    — The Deeper Meaning of Liff, Douglas Adams.

    • A very good point that not everyone will know what a Ballycumber is!!
      Ballycumber C. BookCrossing is the name of the official running book mascot of the BookCrossing site and he was indeed named after the line in the Douglas Adams book 🙂
      He can be seen in the picture attached in this news story.