Author Suggestions

Book Signing by KentofKent on flickr

Do you have an author who you would like to see at a BookCrossing Unconvention? Maybe you have links with an author who is interested in BookCrossing. Or perhaps you just have a favourite author who you would love to hear speak about their work.

Whatever the reason behind it, if you have an author who you think would make a great UK Unconvention speaker then please let us know. Either comment on this story or use the Contact Us page. Don’t forget to tell us why you are recommending them and details of any links or contacts you have for them.

We can’t guarantee that your author will be included in the line-up for this year, but all suggestions will be kept on record for this or future UK Unconvention events.

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Claire is responsible for Communications for the Convention committee.


  1. Would you like me to ask Paul Magrs to come along? He’s a favourite author of mine and one of his books features BookCrossing!

    • pingucb says:

      Thankyou for the offer. We have one more author slot available (one author to be announced very soon) and a number of suggestions. Now that registration is up and running, we’ll be looking into all the options and thinking about who to have as the final author in the next few weeks. Will let you know if we want to go with your suggestion, but if we’re unable to this time we’ll definitely keep it on record for a later event. Thanks again!