Opening the site

As the site goes live, early visitors may be forgiven for thinking there isn’t much content or detail specific to the 2011 Unconvention event. And they’d be right.

However, once the vote has finished and we’ve tallied up the results to find our location for next year, we can start the process of getting the schedule and activities arranged, and giving that information to you.

When we’ve got something new to share, we’ll add it to the site and write a news post about it. If you add your email address to the Subscribe box in the bottom right of the site, then you’ll get news posts from us delivered straight to your inbox. If not, keep an eye out on the BookCrossing forums, the BCUK Mailing List, and our @BCUKUncon Twitter account for any news – we want to keep you informed of our progress.

If you need to contact any or all of the committee, then you can use the form on the contact page. In time, we’ll also let you know about the mailing list we’ll set up for registered attendees, so you can discuss your Uncon plans with all of us directly via email.

About GaryJ

Gary's primary role on the Uncon committee is that of Webmaster. He also runs the @BCUKUncon Twitter account, and various other social media accounts for the event.
Feel free to contact Gary about anything digital related to the 2011 Uncon.